President: Takumi Sakai

Manufacturers’ innovative and attractive products

“To partner with manufacturers to nurture innovative and attractive products together”

 We support the promotion of innovative and attractive products that manufacturers have worked hard to develop and carefully and reliably spread them to the world so that consumers can widely recognize them and We work together to nurture the product and the brand. This action will lead to the benefit of both manufacturers and consumers, and eventually to the realization of a prosperous society. It is with this in mind that we are striving for our business.

 In my career, I have worked as an employee of a financial institution and have been very helpful to various manufacturers. During that time, I saw and heard many things related to manufacturing, and I came to think that I would like to support manufacturers of good products from the marketing aspect as well. I would like to be a partner who respects manufacturers and works with them to expand and develop sales of their products.