Our Business

Sakai Promotion Support operates under the corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the realization of an affluent society by bringing innovative and attractive products from Japan and abroad to the market“. We provide online sales promotion support through crowdfunding (Makuake, etc.) and e-commerce sites, as well as sales promotion support to actual stores, for manufacturers of innovative and attractive products in Japan and overseas.

Retail business

  • Test marketing of new products
  • Branding of manufacturer’s products
  • Support for drafting crowdfunding projects
  • Product sales support for major online stores such as Amazon and Rakuten
  • Creation of product pages for crowdfunding and e-commerce sites
  • OEM planning, development and sales

Trading business

  • Importation of foreign goods into Japan
  • OEM planning and development of overseas products
  • Enter your agency’s business

Online Marketing Strategy

Online shopping has become polarized into two types of products: those that grow and those that disappear, depending on how you market as a manufacturer. The traditional method of wholesaling indiscriminately to wholesalers and retailers or simply placing products on mail-order websites does not work well because of a lack of advertising to consumers and price competition, which can easily lead to a decline in brand image and shortened product lifespan.

We believe that the secret of success in expanding sales through online shopping is not to succeed if you do it, but rather to work in tandem with a sales partner who can respond to consumers’ diversifying needs in today’s modern society.

We hope to handle manufacturers’ important products and brands more carefully and reliably to better expand sales.